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Season Four comprised of 3 -hour episodes, all of which were part of the three-part episode The Rebirth. The production numbers have been gathered from the episode guide on TheTransFormers.Net.

[Screenshot of Season 4 DVD-Region 1]
[Screenshot of Season 4 DVD for Region 1]

    Season 4 Episode Guide

  1. Rebirth, Part 1
  2. Rebirth, Part 2
  3. Rebirth, Part 3

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Part 1

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The first Region 1 DVD set, from Rhino Home Video, includes the remaining 14 episodes of the 3rd season and the only 3 episodes that comprised fourth season. The Rebirth is shown as it was originally on TV with all recaps and opening and closing credits on each part or it can also be viewed as a single episode, with all that edited out. Also on the third disc you will find an interview with writer David Wise. All episodes have been mastered in Dolby 5.1 Audio.

* Amazon doesn't seem to carry either the 3rd or 4th seasons on VHS. The above links will give you the VHS search results for Transformers on and respectively.

* The Region 2 DVD set, from Metrodome Distribution, Ltd., will be out on July 19 of this year. It is supposed to be all or part of the third season and it is currently unknown as to whether it will include the 4th season or not.

*Season 3 episodes on PAL VHS seem to be scattered if they are there at all. This link will direct you to Transformers VHS search results on


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