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The Master Builder


All images below captured by Teletran93 using WinDVD.
Image conversion and thumbnail generation by 20/20 image software.
ALT TEXT describes each picture including characters and actions - mouseover each picture to read.
Click on pictures to enlarge. (Original dimensions of all images is 720 x 480)

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Tracks, Opitmus Prime & Brawn - vehicle modes tf2-32_121 (62.8k) Optimus Prime, Tracks, & Cliffjumper - vehicle modes - rear view tf2-32_122 (51.5k) Devastator - headshot tf2-32_123 (59.8k) Devastator (back view) looking down at Optimus Prime, Tracks, Smokescreen, Cliffjumper, Ironhide, Warpath & Brawn (vehicle modes) tf2-32_124 (55.5k) Optimus Prime & Warpath (firing) - vehicle modes tf2-32_125 (57.0k) Cliffjumper - robot mode tf2-32_126 (55.9k)
Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime & Inferno? (supposed to be Ironhide, but drawn as Inferno) - robot modes tf2-32_127 (63.5k) Megatron - using binoculars tf2-32_128 (64.0k) Ramjet - jet mode tf2-32_129 (50.8k) Devastator's head - Powerglide`s P.O.V. tf2-32_130 (46.3k) Devastator (head & shoulders) with Powerglide and Ramjet (jet modes) coming at him. tf2-32_131 (51.2k) Warpath - vehicle mode - firing tf2-32_132 (53.8k)
Warpath - vehicle mode - Devastator`s hand coming up through the ground underneath to grab him tf2-32_133 (55.7k) Smokescreen, Optimus Prime & Tracks - robot modes tf2-32_134 (73.7k) Smokescreen - transforming tf2-32_135 (60.5k) Smokescreen - transforming tf2-32_136 (60.0k) Ironhide & Tracks (robot modes) - firing at Devastator tf2-32_137 (68.2k) Ironhide, Tracks & Brawn - robot modes - closeup on Tracks tf2-32_138 (67.0k)
Powerglide - jet mode - firing tf2-32_139 (57.0k) Devastator - head shot - boulders/debris tumbling on him tf2-32_140 (54.4k) Solar Tower collapsing tf2-32_141 (52.5k) Bonecrusher - robot mode - defeated, lying in rubble tf2-32_142 (70.1k) Megatron (rear view) - Scrapper (robot mode) crawling out from underneath some rubble tf2-32_143 (70.1k) Constructicons (robot modes) standing on rubble pile - Megatron in flying in distance tf2-32_144 (66.0k)
Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Tracks, Warpth, Optimus Prime (robot modes) & Spike - cheering the retreating Decepticons tf2-32_145 (60.2k) Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Tracks & Warpath - robot modes tf2-32_146 (82.1k) Ironhide & Tracks - robot modes - lifting rubble at sunset tf2-32_147 (62.2k) Brawn - robot mode - lifting rubble at sunset tf2-32_148 (53.8k) Brawn - robot mode - holding damaged Solar Tower model tf2-32_149 (67.7k) Smokescreen, Brawn & Cliffjumper - robot modes - lifting rubble tf2-32_150 (53.0k)
Brawn, Smokescreen & Cliffjumper (Bumblebee`s colors) - robot modes - sunset tf2-32_151 (61.0k) Ironhide, Smokescreen, Warpath, Optimus Prime & Cliffjumper - robot modes - sunset tf2-32_152 (66.6k) Grapple & Hoist (robot modes) - molded into metal from Solar Tower tf2-32_153 (74.3k) Grapple & Hoist - robot modes tf2-32_154 (72.4k) Cliffjumper, Ironhide (transforming), Brawn, Grapple, Hoist & Optimus Prime - robot modes - sunset tf2-32_155 (63.6k) Warpath, Tracks & Smokescreen - vehicle modes - sunset tf2-32_156 (49.2k)
Optimus Prime - robot mode tf2-32_157 (59.5k) Optimus Prime - transforming - almost vehicle (cab part) tf2-32_158 (57.3k) Warpath, Tracks, Smokescreen, Ironhide - vehicle modes - rolling out tf2-32_159 (60.2k) Grapple (holding model) & Hoist - robot modes - setting sun behind them tf2-32_160 (68.9k)

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