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Season Two comprised of 49 -hour episodes, including 4 2-part episodes. As Hasbro released more and more toys this year, many new characters are added to the stories as well; with no real explanation as to why we never saw them before, only that apparently they have always been there, and actually came on the original flight from Cybertron. One explanation could be, (btw, this is just a thought and is not in any way Official), that they were on other decks of the Ark, and therefore were not reactivated by Teletran1 right away; this could work quite well, given the fact that most of the new characters are Autobots. The listed episode numbers are again the apparent production numbers, taken from the order listed on the DVD, and cross-referenced with the episode guide on TheTransFormers.Net.

[Screenshot of Season 1 DVD-Region 1]
[Screenshot of Season 2 DVD for Region 1]

    Season 2 Episode Guide

  1. Autobot Spike
  2. Changing Gears
  3. City Of Steel
  4. Attack Of The Autobots
  5. Traitor
  6. The Immobilzer
  7. The Autobot Run
  8. Atlantis, Arise!
  9. Day Of The Machines
  10. Enter The Nightbird
  11. A Prime Problem
  12. The Core
  13. The Insecticon Syndrome
  14. Dinobot Island, Part 1
  15. Dinobot Island, Part 2
  16. The Master Builder
  17. Auto Berserk
  18. Microbots
  19. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1
  20. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2
  21. Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 1
  22. Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 2
  23. Blaster Blues
  24. A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court
  25. The Golden Lagoon
  26. The God Gambit
  27. Make Tracks
  28. Child's Play
  29. Quest For Survival
  30. The Secret Of Omega Supreme
  31. The Gambler
  32. Kremzeek!
  33. Sea Change
  34. Triple Takeover
  35. Prime Target
  36. Auto-Bop
  37. The Search For Alpha Trion
  38. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
  39. Hoist Goes Hollywood
  40. The Key To Vector Sigma, Part 1
  41. The Key To Vector Sigma, Part 2
  42. Aerial Assault
  43. War Dawn
  44. Trans-Europe Express
  45. Cosmic Rust
  46. Starscream's Brigade
  47. The Revenge Of Bruticus
  48. Masquerade
  49. B.O.T.

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The Region 1 DVD set, from Rhino Home Video, includes the first 24 episodes spread over 3½ discs. The fourth disc contains three episodes, a mistake reel, a documentary on Botcon 2002 and interviews with 2 voice actors and 1 script writer. All episodes have been mastered in Dolby 5.1 Audio. The second set, contains the remaining 25 episodes and more features also spread out over 4 discs.

The NTSC VHS set, also from Rhino Home Video, contains just the first 24 episodes spread across 4 tapes. The remaining 25 episodes should be on the second set, although Amazon's details on the second set are sketchy at best, making it appear as though it's from a different distributor or something -- best bet to stick with the DVDs if you're able.

The Region 2 DVD set, from Metrodome Distribution, Ltd., also includes the first 24 episodes, presumably on 3½ discs as well. According to, special features include a mistake reel, 2 episode scripts, a quiz, character profiles and more. The second set of the second season for Region 2, appears similar to the Region 1 set up, although with different bonus extras (better than the U.S. ones by the looks of things, IMHO--somebody give my a multi-region DVD player please).

*Season 2 episodes on PAL VHS seem to be scattered if they are there at all. This link will direct you do to Transformers VHS search results on


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