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Season One comprised of 16 -hour episodes, including 2 3-part episodes. While these episodes lacked on-screen titles, the titles have been obtained from the Collector's Series DVD and confirmed by various other TF sites around the net. The listed episode numbers are the apparent production numbers, taken from the order listed on the DVD, and cross-referenced with the episode guide on TheTransFormers.Net.

[Screenshot of Season 1 DVD-Region 1]
[Screenshot of Season 1 DVD for Region 1]

    Season 1 Episode Guide

  1. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 1
  2. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2
  3. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3
  4. Transport To Oblivion
  5. Roll For It
  6. Divide And Conquer
  7. Fire In The Sky
  8. SOS Dinobots
  9. Fire On The Mountain
  10. War Of The Dinobots
  11. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1
  12. The Ultimate Doom, Part 2
  13. The Ultimate Doom, Part 3
  14. Countdown To Extinction
  15. A Plague Of Insecticons
  16. Heavy Metal War

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The Region 1 DVD set, from Rhino Home Video, includes all 16 episodes spread over 3 discs. The fourth disc contains the script to episode #4, bumpers, animation outakes, slates and tests. All episodes have been mastered in Dolby 5.1 Audio.

The NTSC VHS set, also from Rhino Home Video, contains just the 16 episodes spread across 4 tapes.

The Region 2 DVD set, contains all sixteen episodes in 5.1 Audio, plus, two additional episodes (Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 1 & The Rebirth, Part 1). Also included are Character Profiles, Classic Quotes, Fan Art Gallery, Complete Episode Guide, Quiz, Original Scripts, Bumpers and Adverts. (Makes me yearn for a multi-region DVD player, since I live in North America. :-( [sigh] )

The PAL VHS set is not really a set, but 3 separate volumes, which must be purchased separately. The episodes are also not presented in any sort of order that I can tell.


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